Barcode labels, Bar Code Labels, thermal labels, pricing labels,

We are barcode experts. Each of the barcode labels sets that we supply you is printed to the recommended specifications of the barcode equipment manufacturers and is test scanned to verify proper scannability. Most local print shops have no experience with the unique requirements of barcode printing.

We can supply custom preprinted barcode labels for a wide range of applications.  Labels can be used for asset tracking, batch numbering, warranty data, shelf life, warehouse locators. Sequential Bar code numbers, random numbers, variable text, color bars, borders and logos can be easily incorporated.

All of our Barcode labels can be custom created to meet your specific business needs.

Barcode Label Applications

  • Industrial and Harsh Environments, Weatherproof, Polyester and Vinyl Barcode labels for outdoor applications, Industrial Application and Extremes for Bar Codes.
  • Property, Assets and Security Labels and Tracking Solutions Corporate Assets and Property Marking
  • Electronics Manufacturing Labels, High Temperature Soldering, UL, Rating Plates, cable labels
  • Distribution and Retail Tracking Solutions Warehouse, Distribution and Retail uses for Bar Codes
  • Book, Periodical and Document Tracking Solutions
    Public and Academic Libraries. Legal, Banking and Insurance.
  • Government and Military Labeling and Tracking Solutions, Document Tracking, ID Badges, and other applications.
  • Laboratory Tracking Solutions for Slides, Vials and Plates Labels for Pharmaceutical, Genetics, and Other Laboratory uses.